Case Studies

Case Study 1: One stop solution that saved time and money:

We were delighted when one of the UK’s leading electric bike manufacturer Volttm used us to design their brand, bike artwork and website. Impressed with the initial work, we were then asked to photograph the bikes and design a variety of marketing material for the bikes.

Using us to provide multiple solutions meant that they not only saved time and money; they also were able to maintain the consistency of their brand and avoid the expense and common pitfalls of using several agencies.

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Case Study 2: Maximising Return for Investment:

When Printer Experts came to us they had limited means of analysing their web data. The first thing we did was introduce accurate analysis and assessments of visitor usage of their site. After identifying several distinct goals for the website we were able to dramatically improve their sales and enquiries.
After improving the usability, functionality and messaging of the site the combined leads and sales increased by around 40%. This increase combined with a fixed online marketing budget meant they began to save thousands on their cost per lead on a monthly basis, exchanging a low return for their investment into a high one!

The website still continues to grow today based on those initial changes.

Web design case study

Some kind words from clients…

"I am very happy with your work and I find you very reliable which is extremely important."
Designer, Kate Moss Parfums

"These look great – I love the individual portraits, their personalities really come through."

"Thanks again for your exceptional work and hope to work with you again in the future. When I get back to my enquiries I’ll be forwarding your details to a couple of people. "
Curator, Kingston Museum

"Thank you so much! Really appreciate everything you have done and can’t wait to see the photos! All the staff commented on having you in and that you were lovely to have around "
Head Teacher, Cranmer School